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Here Are The Vendors Bonuses:

Value = $97

Included at NO COST

Access to 3 separate case studies giving you an in depth analysis of launch-jacking.

You will be guided through these 4-figure case studies so you can see exactly how the strategies you will learn inside RHIMS 5.0 work.

Nothing is left out, you will see every part of the process first hand.

All 3 case studies are yours at NO COST today when you get RHIMS 5.0.

This bonus includes multiple hands-on demos, a full calendar to download, and swipes files.

Discover how to copy/paste your way to a 4-figure Launch-Jack, even with a tiny list of subscribers.

Walk through each day of the launch and see exactly what to send to your subscribers, the emails that have generated $1000s in the past, the time of day to promote, and more.

The complete walkthrough, templates, and roadmap is included at NO COST when you grab your copy of RHIMS 5.0 today.

Value = $97

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Value = $27

Included at NO COST

A swipe file full of attention-grabbing headlines to help you create yours on demand.

Every single one of the 59 headlines has been rigorously  tested so you know they are proven to work.

They can be used on landing pages, sales pages, video titles, social media and so much more.

These 59 headline templates attract eyes to your content like a pro marketer.

Completely fill-in-the-blanks and come with 3 real examples so you can see well they work for yourself.

The 59 Headlines Swipe File is included at NO COST.

An email list is not necessary when you first start launch-jacking, but following the strategy inside RHIMS 5.0 your going to start building one for free.

Each launch-jack you complete is going to add more customers and leads to your email list, which will help you make more sales for future launch-jacks... but only if those subscribers stick around!

In this exclusive bonus you'll have access to on-hand training the vendor has only ever released to his premium email marketing students, who pay hundreds per year.

This training will reveal the psychology secrets that turn new subscribers into leads who buy from you, stick with your brand, and become repeat customers for years!

Value = $97

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Value = $250

Included at NO COST

Meet 1-on-1 with the vendor and Discuss Your Affiliate Marketing Journey.

For a limited time, you can book a complimentary 1-on-1 strategy session with the vendor to discuss any holes or confusion you have about becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Here’s how this works:

From within the members area you can book your 30min 1-on-1 strategy session with the vendor. You will meet on Skype and discuss the specifics of your funnels, your campaigns, and what you need to know to make the leap to the next level.

1-on-1 sessions are only held Mon-Fri (excluding holidays) between 10am-2pm EST. 

Why would he giving this away:

Number #1: Surprisingly, most people won't book the strategy call and they only want this program for the templates, or other goodies already included. Fine by me, but it's here for them if they need it.

Number #2: People buy more of my stuff.

These Strategy Sessions are not sales calls, but people usually want to work more closely or invest in more of the training after these calls since they tend to learn a lot in just 30mins.